The Seekers Creed

Seek the Truth.

 Follow its thread. 

Know that there is no single, unchanging Truth.

 Knowledge is Power; to understand it is Divine. Spread both, combat Ignorance. 

Understand that knowledge is not Wisdom, that Wisdom changes through the ages.

Recover what was lost, Preserve what is gained, Let the Tapestry not grow unraveled.

Though we walk without destination, we are never aimless, for a single thread can be our guide. 

The next horizon is forever unmoving, lest we move to welcome it. 

The Design is ever moving, and forever must we seek it.

Adversity is our greatest teacher.

 We do not fear its lessons. When we learn, we can never fail.

We seek, we strive, and we do not yield.

We will go where even the brave dare not follow.

Seek the Truth.




Historical Source: Esmera, Written by member: Asher Durandt

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